Friends In Your Life You Need To Use These 2 Things Which Are Mobile And Internet. What Would You Do If You Wanted To Find Information On The Internet? Find Information Using Only Search Engines. So Today We Have Brought You A List Of The Top 10 Search Engines In The World And Its Basic Information.

If You Search For Any Word By Typing It In A Search Engine, It Will Give You The Results By Searching For It On The Web. But All Search Engines Have Different Features So Today We Will Give You Information About Other Search Engines Like Google.

Top 10 Best  Search Engines

 01. Google (Google Search Engine - Google)

Everyone Is Familiar With The Name. Google Is A Search Engine. People Who Don't Know About The World Of Internet Or New Technology Know Google As A Browser But Friends Let Me Tell You That Google Search Engine Was Founded In 1998 By Larry Page And Sergey Brin.

The Google Search Engine Is Ahead Of All Other Search Engines In The World. Google Is The Most Popular Search Engine These Days. More Than 80-90% Of The People In The World Use Google Search Engine.

If You Report This Google Search Engine In Alexa

Check Out This Website Is The Most Visited And Used Website In The World. The Interface Of Google Search Engine Is So Simple And The Service Is Also Good. Google Is Always Trying To Update Its Search Engine. It Is Also True That Google Is Another Search Engine Along With Search Engine But At Present There Is No One Ahead Of Google.



02. Microsoft Bing (Bing Search Engine - Here We Honor The Women Who've Served )

The Microsoft Bing Search Engine Is The Second Largest Search Engine After Google. Bing Search Engine Market Share Statista - The Statistics Portal

According To February 2021 Is 6.7% And Statcounter - Web Analytics Made Easy

According To May, 2021 Is 2.28%.

Some Of The Interesting Features Of Microsoft Bing Are Sports Score, Event, Bing Ad, Bing Finance, Calculation, Flight Tracking, Translate, Conversion, Spell Check, Product Shopping, Etc. The Bing Search Engine Belongs To The Microsoft Company.


03. Yahoo (Yahoo Search Engine - Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos )

Yahoo Search Engine Is A Very Old Search Engine. Statista - The Statistics Portal As Of February 2021, The Market Share Of Yahoo Search Engine Was 2.71%.

Yahoo Partnered With The Bing Search Engine In 2011 And Has Since Helped Deliver Information To The Public Using The Bing Search Engine. Within Yahoo You Find Options Like Weather, Finance, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Local, Etc. Right Now In Yahoo You See Only Bing Search Engine Results.



04. Baidu (Baidu Search Engine - Www.Baidu.Com)

Baidu Is The Third Most Used Search Engine After Bing And Yahoo. This Search Engine Is Used By Most People In China. This Search Engine Is The Most Popular In China. The Baidu Search Engine Was Launched In The Year 2000. Alexa Rank Of This Search Engine

Right Now It's 5 But This Figure Goes Back And Forth. This Search Engine Is Moving Forward And It Informs People About Audio File, Photo Etc.



05. Ask (Ask Search Engine - Ask.Com - What's Your Question? )

Ask Search Engine Is A Type Of Question In Which A Lot Of Answers Are Collected And Placed In This Website And The Best Answer Is Shown At The Top. If You Have Any Question In Your Mind And You Go To This Search Engine And Ask, Then Based On It You Will See Many Other Questions And Answers. This Search Engine Can Be Very Useful For The Question Which Is Not The Same Answer.


06. America Online (AOL Search Engine - AOL Search )

This Is AOL Mass Media Company. This Search Engine Has A Very Long History. The Company Was Founded In 1983 As Control Video Corporation. The Company Then Changed Its Name In 1991 And Renamed America Online. The Company Then Renamed AOL INC In 2009.


07. Duckduckgo Search Engine - Http://Duckduckgo.Com )

If You Are Concerned About Your Privacy On The Internet Then You Should Use This Duck Duck Go Search Engine As This Search Engine Does Not Track Your History. The Interface Of This Search Engine Is Quite Simple.

In This Search Engine You Can Find Any Information By Speaking. This Search Engine Is Better Than Bing And Yandex Search Engines Because Its Service First Integrates Bing And Yandex Search Engines And Then Puts Its Searched Information In Front Of People. You Can Use This Duck Duck Go Search Engine If You Want To Protect Your Privacy.



08. Wolframalpha Search Engine - Wolfram | Alpha: Making The World’s Knowledge Computable )

This Search Engine Was Invented In 2009. This Search Engine Is Very Different From Other Search Engines. This Search Engine Is Also Known As Computational Knowledge Because It Is Based On Mathematics. This Search Engine Gives You Data On Mathematics And Its Facts, Another Search Engine Gives You Data On A Web Page.

If You Search "Gujarat" In This Search Engine, This Search Engine Will Give You Information About The Population Of Gujarat, Its Map, Its Area, Its Big City Etc.



09. Yandex (Yandex Search Engine – Yandex )

Yandex Is Russia's Most Popular Search Engine. If We Talk About The Services Of This Search Engine, It Is Yandex Browser, Translate, Money, Market, Yandex Disk, Image, Mail, Video, Maps, Etc. Just Like Google Has A Webmaster Tool That You Use To Index A Website, Yandex Also Has A Webmaster Tool In Which You Can Index Your Website. Yandex Shows Ads Just Like Google Shows You Ads.


10. Dogpile (Dogpile Search Engine - Dogpile.Com)

Dogpile Is A Meta Search Engine. You Get The Result Of This Search Engine By Taking Suggestions From Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine. This Search Engine Was Launched In 1995.